About Us

Lost and Forgotten Assets

As time passes, it is not uncommon for people and families to lose track of property or assets that they own.  We help these families by locating the rightful heirs to estates and walking them through the process of claiming and recovering these assets.

Long Lost Relatives

A lot of times, these assets were owned by long lost relatives that passed away without having a will or estate plan in place.  This can make the process of locating heirs difficult and time consuming.  It also means that the rightful heirs don't know that they stand to inherit anything.  We work hard to find the rightful heirs and help them collect their inheritance.

A Helping Hand

Just knowing about an inheritance is usually not enough to be able to collect it.  We assist the heirs by coordinating the legal process to collect their inheritance, thereby minimizing their time and involvement so that they can focus their time and efforts on things that really matter.